International Exhibitions SYSKEVASIA | PLASTICA 2014


SYSKEVASIA 2014 – 14th International Packaging, Machines, Printings & Logistics Exhibition

PLASTICA 2014 – 9th International Exhibition of Plastica, Machines & Moulds.

The Exhibitions Syskevasia 2014, after its last successful organization in November 2012, and Plastica 2014, after its successful co-running with Syskevasia 2010, return to unite their forces and take place simultaneously at renovated MEC Exhibition Center at Peania/Athens, Greece from 7 to 10 November 2014, where each show will keep its own identity and its own trade visitors attracting program. The co-organization of these two complementary exhibitions not only reduces the participation cost for exhibitors and visitors, but it also gives the first the possibility to promote themselves to more visitors and to the second to find more suppliers.

Syskevasia 2014 will give its exhibitors the chance to prove to the producers of physical products that packaging is a Value Added Investment, where as the Plastica 2014 Exhibitors will have the opportunity to present the great variety of finished plastic products, the real Magic of Plastics.

Interbrush is participating to the exhibitions and waiting for you to show the new packaging products!

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