Deburring Knives

Martor Deburring Tools can be used with most material types, grades and edge configurations.

The blank is out of the mould, the last hole drilled, the last groove milled, all cut to size – deburring is now the last step towards a perfectly finished product!This is where Martor comes in: MARTOR Deburring Tools are designed to finish the job swiftly, safely and efficiently. The development of special MARTOR Deburring Tools has been based on major aspects such as comfortable handling, quick blade change and a choice of blade configurations. All are designed to assist in achieving a top quality finish.MARTOR Deburring Tool handles and blades are designed so that the
tool remains in contact with the job, reducing the risk of slips and thereby keeping the reject rate to an absolute minimum. The right choice of MARTOR Deburring Tool with produce the desired edge finish quality.
Contour-following blades provide
for perfectly clean and even deburring of any kind of edge.


soft and hard material types
and grades
inner and outer edges
round and straight surfaces