Other Siftex Products

Band Clamps

Quick-Release Hose Clamps – 304 Stainless Steel Band & Housing

Diameter Range :2 to 12 inch,2 to 13.25 inch,2 to 48 inch
10 to 16 inch,14 to 18 inch

Heavy-Duty T-Bolt Hose Clamps – 304 Stainless Steel Band, Bolt & Nut

Diameter Range :3 to 3-3/16 inch,4 to 4-5/16 inch,5-9/32 to 5-9/16 inch,
5-7/8 to 6-11/32 inch,6-17/32 to 6-13/16 inch,6-7/8 to 7-3/8 inch,7-29/32 to 8-3/8 inch,8-21/32 to 8-5/16 inch


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Cleaners (Sifter Balls & Sliders)

Dura-Ball Specifications
Sizes: 15 mm,22 mm,25 mm,28.5 mm,35 mm,50 mm
Compounds :Metal-Detectable PU,Polyurethane,Gum Rubber,Neoprene,EPDM Translucent Silicone
Colors : White,Tan,Translucen,Black
Slider Specifications
Single Slider Ring Heights:20mm,22mm Cluster Sliders Heights:24mm,21.5mm Compounds :White Nylon,Hytrel Polyester, Polypropylene,High Heat Polyester

Hi-Flex Thermoplastic Hoses

When misalignment and movement are the problem, Hi-Flex has the flexibility, expansion and contraction to withstand constant vibratory and gyratory motion.

Hi-Flex hoses are also puncture-resistant, abrasion-resistant, chemical-resistant, UV/ozone resistant and flame-retardant… as well as see-through so you can see your product movement!

You should discover the versatility of puncture-resistant Hi-Flex hose for…

  • “Load-out” use
  • Dust collection & in-plant vacuum hose
  • Sifter and screener flexible connectors
  • Bulk bag filling head transitions
  • Material transfer



Sift-Sock™ Filtration Products

Filter Bags

Siftex offers world-class quality bag-house filter bags. Choose among reverse air, pulse jet and shaker style fabric filter bags. Available bag materials include acrylic, fiberglass, PTFE, Nomex®, PPS, P-84, polypropylene and many others.

Filter Cages 

Call Siftex for a complete line of high quality, rugged filter cages. Our rigid wire designs offer maximum durability and filter bag support for use in pulse jet bag-houses. Cages available in carbon, galvanized and stainless steel for virtually all major brand replacement. We use only precision stamped or spun collars, pans and venturis in our filter cage products!

Pleated Filter Bags

Our Pleat+Plus® pleated filter bag technology can revitalize your system by solving the most common bag-house problem: lack of capacity. Pleat+Plus elements can double or triple filtration area, reducing air-to-cloth ratios significantly. Available in bottom load and top load designs.

Dust Collector Cartridges

Siftex provides direct replacements for all OEM brand dust collector cartridges. Our proven filter designs increase efficiency, extend life, reduce maintenance costs and maximize collector performance.Cartridges are available in a variety of materials to suit your needs.