Belt brushes/ Toothed belt brushes

 We manufacture belt or toothed belt brushes especially to the requirements of our customers. The bodies are made of wear-resistant material.
Belt brushes can be produced in all lengths, either endless or finite. We manufacture endless toothed-belt brushes in any required length.
Almost all fill materials are possible. The tables below indicate our standard sizes for belts, toothed belts and the corresponding guides.
Legend for belt and toothed belt brushes
GL    Total length of the body L     Fill length L1    Fill length at the body L2    Fill length at the filament end GB    Width of the body B    Fill width B1    Fill width at the body B2    Fill width at the filament end H    Height of body including mounting plate (including stud) BH    Fill height from the body h     Mounting plate height (height of the studs) Z     Distance between teeth