Standard strip brushes

Standard strip brushes use Niebling standard profiles (see standard strip profiles).
We are continually extending our range of available profiles.
If you cannot find an appropriate profile on this page, it can be manufactured to your wishes.
It takes no time at all to configure Interbrush standard profiles to your requirements.
The potential range of dimensions in respect of the free fill height (BH) depends to a large extent on the type of fill. For hand-drawn brushes a free filament length of up to 600 mm is possible, depending on the type of fill and the brush effect.
Irrespective of the dimensions of the strip body, it is possible to use almost any of the fill materials.
Depending on the application, the strip brushes can be drilled or supplied with slots for fixing purposes.

Examples of fill configurations

Seite14-1 Seite14-2

Examples of fill-field heights

Seite14-3 Seite14-4