Special wheel or roller brushes

Special wheel or roller brushes

Any wheel brush type that is different from Standard is considered to be a special. We manufacture these according to the special wishes and requirements of our customers.Our modern and versatile engineering department is suitably equipped to meet almost every customer request with regard to shape and configuration. These special versions provide you with an almost unlimited range of options, e.g. profiled body or filament surfaces, conical or recessed drilled axle holes, specially designed bearing or fixing bushes etc.

Depending on requirements, the body can be made from different plastics, wood or metal.
The filament bundles are either mechanically fixed or hand-drawn.
Almost any of the fill materials described on material informations.


Wheel brushes with internal fill

For special applications it is possible to manufacture wheel or ring brushes with the fill on the inside.
Depending on the diameter or the application, the wheel or ring brush is produced as a half-shell or a closed ring.
As with our other brushes, special configurations are possible.