Customised WerkStep

We costumised your mats to suit your workplace

The basic body of the Werkstep workplace mat has a standrd size of 60×90 cm, a lealing edge of 2 cm will be added.
We produce according to your specifications.
As needed, several single mats can be added together with a special glue or can be cut to the required size. Precise adjustment to given areas, cut-outs of any type, costumised sizes and design are no problem for us.
Technical feasibility, however most also be guarranteed for individual costumer demands in terms of size and shape.
Note the following:
The spacing of the knobs of each werkstep workplace mat is 2 cm. So that seamless gluing can be guarranteed when the mat has been cut, the individually specified dimensions are rounded to an even number. Due to the textured underside, the dimensions of the nitrile mat should always be a multitude of the standard size (e.g. 120 x 180 cm)


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