Our Partners


AGNATTACK™ Global (formerly WJB Engineering) are specialists in all types of magnetics for the food industry including RE80™ MAGNATTACK™ magnetic separation equipment and magnet validations of existing magnetic separation equipment, magnetic mats, magnetic indicator probes, magnetic equipment for blowlines and vacuum lines and magnetic equipment for high pressure liquid lines.



At WERKSITZ are committed to providing ergonomic workplaces, thereby making a significant contribution to motivation, health and productivity.

As “the specialists for workplace ergonomics”, we have been providing customers with ergonomic products for the workplace since 1980. Over the years, we have developed a comprehensive range of swivel chairs and workplace floor mats in standard and customised designs for industry, trade, laboratories, clean rooms, ESD areas, nurseries and workshops for the disabled.

Our custom-tailored products offer optimum solutions for more comfortable sitting and standing and meet all special ergonomic workplace requirements, thereby making a significant contribution to productivity and well-being.

We put special emphasis on quality products that are reliable, durable, backed by a long-term warranty and made in Germany. The modular design of our products offers users maximum flexibility and investment security along with a spare part replacement guarantee for all of our components.

This is what we stand for as a sound Franconian family business.