Interbrush is a developing company that although it is young, it has succeeded to establish itself in the field of manufacturing and Marketing of Milling Industry products for Greece and in the Balkans with the appreciation and trust of customers growing daily.
The reason for the success of our fast advancement in a short time is due to the following factors,
• The special attention to quality and continuous control to maintain high standards.
• The constant alertness to meet the high demands of our customers.
• We monitor with close interest the developments in the field with our ongoing research with our suppliers and through the Internet and participation in exhibitions.
• The flexibility to offer any product for a more specialised use and affordable prices thanks to our collaboration  with leading industrial houses in the world (Germany, England, Italy and Switzerland).
• A sense of responsibility to respond consistently, quickly and effectively to meet customer demands
Interbrush has become the main supplier of Accessories to the Milling Industry.
Supplying accessories such as
Purifier Brushes Nylon Sieve for Purifiers Felt Scrapers for griding rollers Filter Bags Sieve Bags Plansifter Brushes Cotton Belt Pieces Sieve Cleaners Rubber Cleaners Synthetic Cloth (Nytal) for plansifter Adhesives Cloth for Vibro sieve Metal crimp screen for plansifters Round Tube Brushes Stainless Steel Clamps