Ceramic Cutting Tools

Interbrush supply the greek market with Slice ceramic cutting tools and blades, these are different from common metalic blades. We can also supply replacement blades for your existing cutting tools!!!

What are ceramic blades and which are their advantages?

Ceramic blades are made from pure Zirconium Oxide ZrO2 and the advantages are:

– stays sharp up to 10x longer than steel

– never rusts

– non-corrosive, chemically inert

– withstands heat up to 1600F

– non-conductive, non-sparking

– no oil coatings like metal blades

– less blade changes = less injuries = less down time

– patent-pending thicker blades

– easier & safer to handle vs. metal

– strong and durable

– safer rounded edges

– double sided

– single Slice ceramic blade is equivalent to up to 20 single-edge metal blades

– only diamonds are harder

The ceramic tools and the ceramic blades that you can find at Interbrush are:

Ceramic Tools

– Precision Cutter

– Box Cutter – Auto-Retractable

– Box Cutter – 3-Position Manual

– Pen Cutter – Auto-Retractable

– Pen Cutter – 3-Position Manual

– Safety Cutter with Micro Ceramic Blade

– Mini- Cutter – Auto-Retractable


– Slice ceramic utility blade

– Slice Box Cutter Replacement Blades – Ceramic

– Ceramic Craft Blades